The Original Cheesecake

Types of the original cheesecakes

We all love the cheesecake. It has been the traditional desert for many years and continues to grace the tables of many.  No matter the occasion cheesecakes, make a good opportunity to please your guests. Like finger food, you need to make your cheesecake as attractive as possible. Each cheesecake therefore has its own flavor, taste, texture and looks. We try to find out about the various common original cheesecake varieties.

Original cheesecake is made easy with our videos. See how you can bake your own recipe at home.
The version with the topping makes a good choice for many.  It has a pleasurable taste and it has been a practice for people to try all kinds of crusts. Some people add fruit juice, others spices to bring some uniqueness.  The classic cheesecake has more of dairy cheese, eggs and fruits.

By culture, the best known original cheesecakes are the ones that have been made at homes for time immemorial.  This flavor is most patronized for its ease of preparation and is also the one most served at parties. Many people add some sweets to the cheesecake for a fabulous taste especially at kids’ parties.  Still more, you can come across chopped fruits. It is common to see melted caramel in most of these delicacies.

There are many ways to decorate the cheesecake. Frosting ad an adornment comes first, followed by vanilla.

Typically, cheesecake can be categorized by ingredients, baking process and origin. Here are some varieties:

American  cheesecake
Chicago cheesecake
Roman  cheesecake
New York cheesecake
Raspberry Cheesecake
Cheesecake Pie
Gourmet Cheesecake 
Sour Cream  cheesecake
Pennsylvania Dutch cheesecake

Despite the standard and traditional preparation methods, individuals gave found ways to make their original cheesecake pies more delicious.  There are known cases of honey and bay leave flavors.